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Change starts here

... book your simple Discovery Call

During this complimentary 15-30 minute phone or video call we will discuss what obstacles are blocking you from achieving the optimal health and vitality you desire.

You can describe what you, or your child, are experiencing while being totally heard and accepted.


All of the feelings, physical symptoms and body sensations will be acknowledged and incorporated into treatment. 

The goal for this call is to gain a clear understanding of what your needs are and if I am the right conduit for you and your family.


Once we have agreed to work together to reveal your path to vitality, we will decide which package or plan suits you best. I offer three packages and plans, based on the amount of time you and/or your family will require. Each of these options will include the following:

Our First Appointment:

  • We will do a full intake of your physical, emotional, energetic symptoms, and medical history and environmental factors.

  • I will evaluate and choose an individually tailored Homeopathic remedy just for you.

  • I will prepare some day-to-day exercises to activate and align your inner healer, so you can integrate and work with this new awareness.

  • You will receive a remedy sheet, so you can refer to it and keep you on track for the duration of our work together.

  • We will create a plan for your family, as many individual symptoms emerge due to dynamics in close relationships.

Our Second Appointment:

  • We will review the individually tailored activation, discuss the remedies, what results we are to expect, how to use those remedies to maximum effectiveness.

  • We will discuss the communications received from your inner healer and how to best integrate them.

  • We will discuss your "health care team" and how to design it just for you based on curative results to speed up your pace on your path to a long and healthy life.

Continuing Care…

Although the needs of each family will be determined after our first two appointments, most families book the 30-minute session packages. 

  • continue to evaluate the results, make any remedy changes necessary and to teach you how to use remedies for yourself and child.

  • connect you with applicable resources and community circles in the Vital Living Network.

  • discuss how you can have access to me during drop-in "office hours". on a weekly basis for private one-on-one matters,  and access to private small group learning opportunities.

Once you tap into your vital force and build a powerful relationship with your own inner healer, you CAN claim your health and regain sovereignty over your child's health. 

Are you ready to claim your health?

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