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Jennifer Lutes Shelley has been an amazing resource person for our family. She is a highly skilled heart centred Homeopath that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking care for their families, especially if you have sensitive children.


I first engaged Jennifer's Homeopathic medicine to help my youngest son who was seven at the time. He had been experiencing rages that were violent and threatening in nature. His behaviour was extremely difficult to manage and the rages were frequent and long lasting. He was under extreme distress and when faced with any kind of frustration he would resort to flight or fight responses. At the time he was in  a private school with a small class size of fourteen children and still he experienced such difficult behaviour that he was sent home numerous times for violent outbursts and was close to being expelled in Grade 1. 


Jennifer was so refreshing to work with because she came from a place of genuine concern and it was quickly apparent to me that she would leave no stone unturned in her approach to finding solutions. I appreciated how she listened with great empathy and no judgement and was reflective before deciding what remedy would be appropriate for my child. She was curious and I felt like my child was regarded wholistically as was our family. Jennifer asked probing questions that other resource people had not, and listened when I said one of my ongoing concerns was that every few months my son picked up parasites.


It is now 10 months since we began working with Jennifer and it has been amazing to see the changes that have taken place in my son's ability to cope with the world around him. He has grown so much socially and emotionally.  I believe the Homeopathic remedies allowed him the space to grow and broke the patterns of behaviour that were becoming rigid habit. Just today I witnessed a huge shift in how he responded when another child dumped sand down his back and neck.  He came to me crying and was able to express what happened with words. In the past he would have lashed out at the other child or me or run and hid and been unable to speak.


Now my son is in Grade Two and he is blossoming. He has only been sent home once since September (it is now March) for an aggressive act toward another student. He no longer bolts when frustrated but is using the strategies his classroom teacher has taught him. He has a safe spot to go to to calm himself down, etc. He has many friends and is popular and he loves school and is no longer excluded by others because of his unpredictable mood swings. I will add he has a master teacher and is back in a class in our local public school a class of over 20 students. There is an aide in his classroom but she is not specifically assigned to my son but helps other children too in the class with Special Needs. If you had told me a year ago he would be doing so well I would not have believed it.


But there is more to tell. It became evident as I worked with Jennifer that our whole family was in need of some Homeopathic remedies. My oldest son adopted from Vietnam had issues of loss that he was dealing with that affected his ability to bond and receive love from me. We were stuck in a cycle of him craving love from me but also emotionally pushing me away. He now expresses to me "Mom I need a hug" when he feels overwhelmed instead of acting out and we have a much closer relationship.

I also had a remedy that I used to help me face my own issues of disappointment and get to the grief underlying my frustrations, anger and resentment.


So be prepared Homeopathic medicine with Jennifer will rock your world and family in a good way. She will help you get to the underlying issues and is adept at helping you navigate through the subtle and not so subtle aspects of self and other that you will find yourself facing. At times I felt  like she was the parenting coach I had always wished to have.


For the first time in many years it feels like we can all breathe out and relax together as a family without constant conflict. I am much more confident as a parent knowing I have Homeopathic resources and a trusted person in Jennifer that I can consult with when the going gets rough. 


The whole process has been humbling and so full of growth for us all. We are on a journey together that feels so much more positive and hopeful.

Thank you so much Jennifer for believing that growth and change were possible. When the road  got dark  you helped me turn the headlights on to gently guide our family safely home.  


With sincere gratitude,


Julie Samson

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