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Changing lives and families for better.

Is it time to experience life differently?

Do you feel “stuck”?

Do you want to change your health or quality of life?
Are you running out of hope? 

Do you or anyone in your family experience recurring symptoms or patterns that won’t end?

Do they cope with strange body sensations (unexplained itching), physical symptoms (chronic pain), emotional blocks (anxiety or fears), or behavioural/learning disorders?

Are you tired of buying medicines that don’t seem to help?

Or spending money on endless supplements?

Are you perpetually seeking solutions, but not making the progress you want?

Healing is the process of becoming vital again;

the restoration of health from the likes of illness, trauma, unrest, or lethargy.


You’ve probably seen the call to heal everywhere… "Heal your body, heal your mind". "Live your best life", "Increase your financial well-being", "Connect with your spirituality".


Healing seems to be the new black…

But even with all the answers out there… you still haven’t found your solution…


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I’m Jennifer Shelley
and I have a strong message for you...

It all starts with understanding how your internal experience and your physical world are a reflection of each other. 

I can help you bridge the connection and assist you in claiming your path to vital living.

  • I have been honing my skills as a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner since 1997. 

  • I have chosen a roster of products (based on scientific evidence) that will infuse healing and vitality in your life.

  • I have studied other forms of energetic healing and can intuitively tune into the underlying cause of symptoms.

  • I am constantly reading and researching techniques on how to retrain the brain to create the results you want in life. I have also been studying Empathic listening and tools for effective communication.

  • I am building the Vital Living Network to bring like-minded people together in harmony. If you would like to connect with this network, you will get a sense of belonging and support. You will find opportunities to share what keeps you vital and learn from others doing the same.

When you add me as a member of your healthcare team, I promise to:

  • Use my training and experience to differentiate remedies that will get results for you.

  • Teach you the skills to align with your inner healer, so you that you regain sovereignty over your health.

  • Be an empathetic listener. 

  • If asked, I can assist in completing your health care team by referring you to other modalities that could expedite healing.

  • Provide you with personalized strategies to practice while integrating vital life skills daily.

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Are you ready?

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"Jennifer Shelley has been an amazing resource person for our family. She is a highly skilled heart centred Homeopath that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking care for their families, especially if you have sensitive children.


I first engaged Jennifer's Homeopathic medicine to help my youngest son who was seven at the time. He had been experiencing rages that were violent and threatening in nature. His behaviour was extremely difficult to manage and the rages were frequent and long lasting. He was under extreme distress and when faced with any kind of frustration he would resort to flight or fight responses. At the time he was in  a private school with a small class size of fourteen children and still he experienced such difficult behaviour that he was sent home numerous times for violent outbursts and was close to being expelled in Grade 1...."

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